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    favorite castle & beckett door scenes

    This post is adoorable.

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  4. 30 Day Castle Meme: Day Twenty Two → Favourite Beckett Outfit: suits from 6x06

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everything personal♡


    everything personal♡

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    All Caskett Kisses in 500px

    Smells Like Teen Spirit

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holy perfection


    holy perfection

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  10. Castle; color palettes. 

    inspired by x

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  12. CASTLE season finales + color palettes

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    "why didn’t you do your homework over the holidays?"


    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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    It’s kind of weird and surreal when you think back and realise how much beckett and castle have changed since the start of castle, like wow it makes me tear up.

    They’ve come so far.

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    # still the best moment in a tv show ever


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